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P R I N T   M E D I A
Working With Print Media

Promoting and informing are the ongoing tasks that cultivate success in business. Although the internet is a fine place to spread the word, don’t forget that people like to receive information that is not glaring at them from a computer monitor. Putting printed material in a customer’s hand is a valid way to gain trust and authenticity. D & J Associates creates a business portfolio; cards, flyers, brochures, newsletters, magazines, advertisements, booklets, postcards, book covers, t-shirt art and anything else that can be imagined to promote and inform visually.  

"Advertising ministers to the 
spiritual side of trade. It is great 
power that has been entrusted to 
your keeping which charges you 
with the high responsibility of 
inspiring and ennobling the 
commercial world. It is all part 
of the greater work of the 
regeneration and redemption 
of mankind." 
                                CALVIN COOLIDGE

Graphic Design . Illustration . Photography